Get the Design A Better Day Course.




  • LEARN A QUICK PLANNING METHOD to prioritize and prune your 'to-do' list and protect time for your essential tasks.

  • SET UP SYSTEMS to get your household running like an energy-saver ‘auto-magic’ machine. 

  • CREATE DAILY HABITS & RITUALS that will bring ease and meaning back into to your day.

  • ADD THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF STRUCTURE to help you organize your day, stay focused and on top of things.

  • REST EASY each night, feeling good about your day.

    What you'll get.

    • Video Lessons to walk you through the 3 Step Framework to Design a Better Day.

    • 12 Customizable Templates.

    • '6 Hats' Essential Planning Method & Worksheet; Prioritize the important stuff & schedule it first!

    • 3 Tools build better habits, systems and rituals and automate the predictable parts of your day.

    • 7 Daily Planning Templates to choose from to get the right amount of structure in your day, for you!

    • Household Systems, Habits, Rituals & Rhythm Card samples to get you started.

    • Real Life Examples.

    Fall in love with your day.

    Ready to design a day that strikes the perfect balance between getting things done AND enjoying those amazing moments that come with being a parent!? 


    Awesome! Let's trade the daily struggle for a 'feel good' kinda day!  


    I designed this course and customizable template package to help you to cut out the clutter and add the right amount structure and meaning back into your day.


    Get more done in less time, enjoy the moments and start feeling good about your day again. 

    ​​​Hey! I'm Tracy

    I help busy parents, like you, cut through the clutter to get more done, enjoy the moments & accomplish big goals.

    Ready to ditch the craziness of parenthood and get control of your day, again? Then you're in the right place!


    Yes, I believe you can enjoy the moments AND move your life forward … AT THE SAME TIME. And that's what I want for you.


    Because how you spend your time is how you spend your life. I’m here to help you align your days and your dreams with what matters most AND then make it happen!


    That’s what this template package was meant to do… to draw out your essential tasks and get them into your day first so you can have time for what really matters AND move your life forward.


    Sounds simple right? But it takes practice. This package will give you the tools and templates to get you started. And along the way, if you feel off track, out of alignment, scattered or just plain ‘whelmed’, let’s talk. I can help.